#1 in Underground Utility Protection and Copper Wire Theft Prevention
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Protect Underground Utilities.
Enhance Public Safety.
Conserve Resources.
SIPRA Corp offers a unique line of patent pending products that will enhance public safety while saving you time, money and other valuable resources by reducing the risk of theft and vandalism through the physical protection of critical underground infrastructures.
Protect to Prevent.....
.....Prevent to Protect.
Whether it's the copper wire that powers a street light or the fiber optic cable vital to deploying emergency services, theft and vandalism of these types of systems can range from minor to devastating. Unfortunately, the end result can also be very costly in terms of finances, human resources, and the general safety of the public who depends on the functionality of these systems. In other words:

"Protecting these systems will help prevent theft and vandalism. Preventing theft and vandalism will help protect your resources and the public's safety."

Our Lockjaw security products are the BEST theft and vandalism prevention devices on the market....
...And we'll PROVE IT!

If you don't want take our word for it, we'll let our product speak for itself. Just let us know and we'll send you one of our Lockjaw units to try out for a couple of weeks. If you're not completely convinced that the Lockjaw is the best product of it's kind on the market, just send the unit back... no questions asked. Click here to find out how to get started.

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