The LOCKJAW! security product line requires a proprietary tool to actuate a set of locking mechanisms integral to each unit. As such, distribution, handling and subsequent customer management of these tools is an important part of the successful implementation and long term success of your underground infrastructure security program. SIPRA Corp's "Tool Shipment Policy" is an imperative measure to ensure proper deliver of your tooling. We understand that this policy may be inconvenient for contractors or contract employees at times but the inconvenience is small in comparison to having the tools inadvertently ending up in the wrong hands. Please review our Tool Policy below and give us a call if you have any questions.

Lockjaws on a pallet

LOCKJAWs on a pallet

Tool Shipment Policy

PURCHASES MADE BY END USERS (Municipalities, State Agencies, School Districts, Etc.):
1A) Tools purchased by an END USER will be shipped separate and apart from product orders to the END USER, subject to item (2) below.

1B) Tools purchased by a CONTRACTOR on behalf of an END USER will be shipped separate and apart from product orders and only to the END USER, subject to item (2) below.

2) Prior to the shipment of the tool(s), a letter entitled "Confirmation of Purchase & Tool Delivery" must be submitted to SIPRA Corp, on your entity's letterhead and needs to include the name, address and phone number of the individual designated to receive the shipment. 

3) Tool shipments will be sent "Return Receipt Requested."

4) Purchase orders for “tools only” will not be shipped unless SIPRA Corp has previously shipped product to the purchasing entity and the requirements of item 2 above have been met.

5) No tool(s) will be shipped to any entity (or any individual) other than the END USER (or it's designated representative) without prior written approval from the END USER.

Note to END USERS:
SIPRA Corp recommends the following best practices:
1) Develop a check-out/check-in protocol for employees;
2) Provide direct oversight of contractor installation if possible;
3) Serialize all tooling;
4) If a tool must be checked-out to a contractor: 
a) minimize the amount of time the tool is in the possession of the contractor;
b) require a deposit or implement an instrument within the contract to withhold funds if the tool is not returned promptly;
c) self-install the security units.

SIPRA Corp strives to provide the best physical infrastructure protection and security products available. However, the handling and management of your tool(s) is (are) ultimately your responsibility. SIPRA Corp assumes no liability for losses or damages arising out of or from mishandled, mismanaged, misused, lost or stolen tools. All tools become the responsibility of the END USER upon shipment from the place of origin.

Contact us today to learn more about this as well as our utility lid policy (888) 775-5543.